Share experiences, challenges and opportunities with an unrivalled selection of peers from the across Asia’s retail banking community.

The daytime summit will offer provocative debate and expertise on how retail banks and consumer finance firms can remain competitive, become future-proof and capitalise on evolving markets to ultimately enhance profitability margins and achieve organisational growth objectives.

Delegates attending the daytime summit will benefit from case study based presentations, interactive discussions and debates about these key themes from the most senior and experienced institutions in the sector.

The core themes explored in last year’s summit included the digital transformation of the industry, redefining products and services for emerging markets applying open banking to bring agility and the role of wealth managers in the era of digital banking.

In 2020, we’ll take an even deeper dive into core themes and expand on some of the latest trends that have erupted since the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted economies over the world.

From how retail banks can ensure business survival in a post-COVID 19 world, not neglecting social responsibilities; to the revolutionary impact of digital transformation on banking operations; using data to develop proactive customer management and creating a fully comprehensive banking ecosystem; the summit will also explore emerging trends like Neobanks in Asian markets and the future of the payment landscape in Asia while analysing the innovations in banking channels like branches and ATMs.

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