Winner: Health & Safety Initiative of the Year Award


1. All employees should stick to the core values of the company

2. All employees should stick to the processes and protocols set by the company and regulatory authorities

3. The company should continuously train its employees and develop their skills and competencies and measure them

4. The company should have the right resources and the adequate rescue processes

5. The company’s top management should always be committed to health and safety practices’ development as well as the acquisition of the latest equipment

6. The company should be very innovative and use multiple combinations and initiatives to improve processes, protocols, and training's

7. The company should collaborate with regulatory authorities to develop the core of its industry practices and standards

8. Aiming to always exceed expectations is required to go beyond the benchmark set by regulatory authorities of the industry, especially when it is related to safety and security

9. The company should empower its employees and develop their leadership competencies and skills

10. The company should continuously work on the development of its employees’ team spirit


1. The company shouldn’t disregard delays in communications in its processes, protocols, and training programs

2. The company shouldn’t underestimate the impact of ineffective and inefficient processes and protocols

3. No one in the company should violate processes and protocols

4. The company shouldn’t disregard internal and external follow ups and reports as they are important to ensure that all protocols and processes are being followed

5. No employee should violate procedures before attempting any rescue, as lifeguards need to remain safe while attempting to rescue anyone

6. Members any team shouldn’t hesitate to ask for help and assistance if required

7. The company shouldn’t incorporate major changes without the knowledge of regulatory authorities

8. The company shouldn’t disregard the evaluation of the physical performance and fitness of its lifeguards

9. The company shouldn’t neglect the health conditions and wellness of lifeguards and should make sure they are always working in good conditions

10. The company shouldn’t disregard the evaluation and continuous development of processes and protocols