FAQs – Retail Banker International Asia Trailblazer Awards

What are the key dates for the 13th Annual RBI Asia Trailblazer Awards 2022? 

Entry Deadline: 01 April 2022 - Entries are now closed

Judging: April & May 2022

Winners Announcement: 23 June 2022


Who should participate?

Any retail banking or consumer finance institution with demonstrable commitment and success in their region or sector as dictated by the awards criteria.

Typically entries are curated by the most relevant individuals within the institution in collaboration with the marketing team. It is advised that the project team or individuals responsible for the initiative are heavily involved to ensure that the entry is bespoke and highlights the most pertinent  elements of the project or initiative.


Why should you participate?

  1. The awards process from entry through to post-event coverage opens doors primarily to win more work by showcasing your business excellence. In addition, and at varying stages of the awards cycle you can expect to…
    1. Improve employee motivation and partner engagement: awards are a great way to acknowledge the hard work of your employees and recognise your industry partners
    2. Enhance your brand and drive credibility through third party endorsement: the reputational benefits from independent endorsement of your organisation and service offering are immeasurable. Recognition from trusted industry commentators positively influences customers, partners and employees driving trust and loyalty
    3. Profile your team favorably: professional exposure for your teams and corporate super-stars supports your institutions position as the home of the best talent as well as the best retail banking solutions
    4. Benchmark against your industry peers: Awards are the perfect platform to assess your organisations capabilities in a highly competitive market.


How can you participate?

  1. Register Online
  2. Following your registration, you will be able to author entries for the relevant categories on behalf of your company. Work in progress can be saved and you can submit the entries once completed.


How do you choose the best category(s) to participate?

There are 10 category groups:

  • Customer Experience and Segmentation
  • Governance
  • Human Capital
  • Institutional Awards
  • Next Generation Technology
  • People Awards
  • Positioning & Branding
  • Product Advances
  • Social
  • Third Party Partnerships

Please read the criteria of each category before you choose which category(s) are best suited to your achievements.

For support on the entry process, selecting categories or the entry criteria, please contact Tahne Alisaje  tahne.alisaje@meed.com