Winner: CSR Employee Engagement of the Year Award


1. Keep track of your engagement before and after implementation including sign-up numbers, engagement scores, qualitative and quantitative data, attendees etc – if you don’t have the facts, then how can you hope to improve?

2. Ensure you sign up ‘champions’ for each department in order to achieve more buy-in from every corner of the organization

3. Allow colleagues to help organize aspects of your initiatives in order to gain further buy-in from individuals and allowing them to gain experience outside of their direct roles

4. Take notice of the events happening in your wider community – getting colleagues involved in marathons, charity events and green initiatives will allow your employer branding to go further and give colleagues a feeling of an even greater purpose

5. Engage with colleagues at all levels, at all times – and keep your finger on the pulse. Increased interaction and presence will enhance your connection to your work community and make you more aware of changes which need to be made or initiatives which could be enhanced.

6. Plan your campaigns well ahead of time – the key to full engagement is organization and strategy. Take notice of shift timings, location, costs, and cultural suitability

7. Stay inspired – there’s no harm in looking at what others do for engagement and implement aspects into your own plan


1. Don’t forget to communicate – colleagues aren’t mind readers and you may have to repeat your message two or three times for them to take notice

2. Don’t rest on your laurels - keep your ideas fresh and don’t repeat the same initiatives over and over again. If an event is successful, give yourself a round of applause but then keep looking at ways to improve.

3. Don’t forget to keep different working shifts as well as office locations in mind when organizing an activity