2022 Winner – RHB Berhad Money Chat’s content & marketing brings in wealth & trophies – Retail Banker International Asia Trailblazer Awards



RHB Bank Berhad in Malaysia has won the Best Use of Technology in Advertising / Marketing Strategy at the RBI APAC Awards 2022 for its Money Chat webinar on Facebook, YouTube & other channels. Launched to replace investment and wealth management physical events throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the webinar series successfully won audiences, which resulted in increased deposits of 12.9% last year and bagged the Best Content Marketing Program at the Awards, in addition to garnering new customer.

RHB Money Chat webinars are designed to provide customers with financial insights and help them make informed decisions about their savings and wealth management (WM). Customers are able to gain these valuable knowledge without having to attend physical face-to-face events, which until the Covid-19 pandemic hit was how the bank used to do it.

Whether live or online, the aim is to enhance the brand, increase customer satisfaction and help them stay resilient and well-informed to weather market volatility.

Furthermore, digital platforms such as Facebook Live, RHB’s YouTube channel that allows simultaneous broadcast, as well as other such re-posting social media and dissemination online tools like the Merge content channel, allowed the bank to provide financial updates and insights throughout the pandemic.

This was important at a time where customers were more than ever interested in learning the best way to save and grow their wealth during tough times; learn about market outlooks that are promising for investment opportunities; how best to leave a legacy; and so forth. Topics such as these were addressed in detail during the webinars.

A three-stage procedure was used for each edition:

  • Pre-event teasers: on Facebook which sparked interest among the audience to register. Regular announcement posts, guest spot additions, social media posts and so on retain the exciting momentum, along with teaser videos and email invites to RHB’s pre-existing database, which also garnered attention.
  • During the event: live presentations, interactive Q&As, and an army of relationship managers (RMs) were on standby to answer listeners’ finance-related queries and outline the solutions available to them. These also grabbed listeners’ attention and kept engagement levels high. out to RHB’s existing weekly Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) registrants.
  • After the event: recording of the webinars were hosted on platforms, allowing people who missed it to still be able to access them, in addition to the links that were posted across all other relevant channels. Post-event video links were also sent out to RHB’s existing weekly Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) registrants.

"RHB Money Chat webinars are designed to provide the bank’s customers with financial insights and help them make informed decisions about their savings and wealth management."

Higher audiences were obtained for RHB Money Chat in a more cost-effective way compared to physical events, which would typically only attract hundreds of attendees rather than the millions who can watch online.

  • Achieved a total of 8.5 million views across nine episodes, with an average of 952,000 views per episode. This was contributed by 30,000 to 80,000 watchers per video from other publishers, with the numbers with no doubt driven by financial worries during the pandemic, as well as the bank’s fast turnaround and go-live-go-fast online approach. The high number of views also highlights the credibility of the content.
  • Satisfaction scores went up, enhancing RHB’s brand and confidence in the bank, which resulted in a 53% jump in new active investors recruited into RHB by July last year and year-on-year (YoY) investment sales growth of 144%.
  • Deposit balances went up 12.9% and RHB’s market share went from 7.85 in July 2020 up to 8.45 in 2021