2022 Winner – RCBC Madiskarteng Fintech educational program gets CSR trophy – Retail Banker International Asia Trailblazer Awards



Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC)’s Madiskarteng Pilipino Campaign, which translates as the Resourceful Filipino, is a multiplatform financial education program, launched on RCBC’s DiskarTech super app, to help Filipinos appreciate the value of digital finance instruments and use financial technology (fintech) in their lives. During the recent Covid-19 outbreak digital services were the nation’s socio-economic lifeline.
As such, the valuable program won the Best CSR Initiative – Financial Literacy accolade at the virtual RBI APAC Awards 2022 on 23 June.

The Madiskarteng financial education program won the corporate social responsibility (CSR) literacy award because it aligns with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) central bank’s aim to widen the Philippines financial inclusion base – and the bank’s own need to encourage uptake for its new digital services. BSP wants 70% of adult Filipinos to be on-boarded to the formal financial system by 2023, as highlighted in the central bank’s Digital Payments Transformation Roadmap.
RCBC’s DiskarTech super app and the Madiskarteng content distributed on it via social media, strategic comms and other means, are essential elements in the BSP Roadmap and the bank’s own uptake drive.

Both the app and the accompanying program were jointly unveiled in July 2020. The two complement each other.

The app pioneered DiskarTech TV, the first digital- based broadcast program advocating for financial education and inclusion in the Philippines, and the Spotify-based financial literacy podcast, which was entitled Pisonomics.

Moreover, through the online and in-app DiskarTips campaign, the app has additionally strengthened consumer protection awareness by making basic fraud management principles more digestible to its target audiences.

The DiskarTech platform also hosts the Madiskarteng Pilipino Viber community, a first financial education collaboration with the social media giant Viber, to ensure reach. It is one of the key educational programs launched to empower current customers and prospective app users to become more financially literate. Other aspects of the program include the Madiskarteng Pilipino MTV channel, and the Financial Health Talk series, launched in partnership with various government agencies.

All these elements come under the Madiskarteng content umbrella. The highlights of the program include:

  1. DiskarTech TV (Launch: October 19 2020) – The Madiskarteng Pilipino Financial Education Campaign was kicked off through the launch of DiskarTech TV via the Facebook and YouTube app channels. It featured guests from the finance, trade and banking industries speaking to ordinary Filipinos to help them understand basic financial concepts, as well as providing tips on how the concepts can be applied. Now on its third season, DiskarTech TV is currently featuring successful online sellers to share their journey towards becoming accomplished online entrepreneurs, even despite the recent Covid-19 challenges brought on by the pandemic.
  1. Pisonomics Podcast (Launch: October 29 2020) – RCBC partnered with award-winning podcast production company Pumapodcast to create this informative podcast series. Each episode touched on key topics like how to use banking apps, their business potential, strong security protocols, and so on. The series is now available for streaming on Spotify, Anchor and Apple.
  2. Madiskarteng Pilipino MTV (Launch: December 8 2020) – This featured real-life Filipinos who have overcome different struggles at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic thanks to their creativity and resourcefulness (diskarte).
  1. Madiskarteng Pilipino Viber Community (Launch: March 26 2021) & Social media – Through DiskarTech’s partnership with social media giant Rakuten Viber, this project pooled together newly on-boarded app users to form a strong community that could promote financial education among their immediate relations and peers discussing finance management, tools and tips, consumer welfare laws and so forth. On- going social media engagement continues via a later influencer project for the mass market that has co- opted influencers such as Pipay, Dr. Kilimanguru and Davao Conyo to create and post DiskarTech-branded financial education content on their social media platforms.
  1. Grandpa’s Loan (Utang ni Tatang) Digital Campaign (Launch: July 5 2021) – Unveiled in collaboration with Katok, a sub-unit of top creative agency GIGIL, this comic and witty digital campaign aimed to dispel the negative perception of ordinary Filipinos towards loans by doing away with the usual formal banking jargon and instead using normal language and funny situations to appeal to the mass market. It went viral, generating more than eight million views; 170,000 reactions; 5,500 comments; and 37,900 shares on Facebook. Heavier transaction volumes were measured on DiskarTech during the month the campaign was aired online.

RCBC’s DiskarTech team running the Madiskarteng program also partnered with traditional key media organizations and other institutions in pitching and publishing different forms of content focused on financial education, but the slant was on digital dissemination in keeping with the digital app. However, the team did also collate its online content into a PDF and real book entitled ‘DiskarTips: The First Digital Coffee Table Book on Financial Education’, which is being distributed to different high schools nationwide.

The book follows a memorandum of agreement with the Philippines Department of Education, signed on 29 October 2021, for the rollout of a curriculum-based financial education program across the land. Dubbed the ‘Aralin sa Madiskarteng Pananalapi’, the curriculum material is delivered as a series of lessons. It is being added to the curriculum for senior high school students in the country.


The Madiskarteng Pilipino Financial Education Campaign was able to grow RCBC’s DiskarTech social media base and following, increasing brand awareness as well as encouraging nationwide financial literacy. The campaign also caused spikes in transaction and usage growth , as discussed in regard to the Grandpa’s Loan project.

By the end of September 2021, the DiskarTech Facebook Page had over 120,000 followers with 98% social media positive sentiment ratings, based on a report from partner agency TBWA. The DiskarTech Facebook Page has a 26.13% average engagement rate, as of the end of December 2021, topping the rest of RCBC’s main competitors.