RCBC Bankard Services Corporation has many credit card and payment customers across the Philippines. It used this base to launch two Covid-19 campaigns to encourage people to donate their rewards redemption points via a new web-based portal to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) during the pandemic. A Highly Commended (HC) trophy was given in the Best Loyalty Rewards Program in Asia-Pacific category at the virtual Retail Banker International (RBI): Asia Trailblazer Awards 2021 to recognise their efforts.

A myriad of redemption options meant cardholders had to call Customer Services pre-lockdown. But with the extreme drop in the number of available Customer Service Representatives due to transportation challenges, lockdown curfews, shortened service hours and so on this was untenable and anyway undesirable in the long-term. RCBC Bankard acted fast to unveil a new web-based rewards redemption option.

Several internal groups had to work together to enable the digital and trouble-free way for cardholders to donate their reward points, not least IT to enable the overhaul. Marketing also had to create an online redemption form, the customer service unit had to process it, while accounting had to credit the proceeds to the NGO Partners' accounts. Teamwork ensured the goal was achieved fast.

The first Covid-19 Relief campaign launched on 3rd April last year, barely a month after a strict lockdown was enforced in the Philippines. This effort:

  • Raised funds to help hungry Filipinos,
  • supplied food for abandoned kids,
  • & provided assistance to front-line medics and other key workers.

By mid-August, a total of 13,513,600 reward points had been donated amounting to PHP3.37 million Philippine Pesos (US$70,168). The NGO partners were able to:

  • Build two molecular laboratories & 41 medical tents.
  • Provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and hot meals to front-line medics.
  • Distribute face masks and hygiene kits to patients.

Donations also facilitated the purchase and delivery of thousands of food items, vitamin and hygiene kits to abandoned and neglected children in the Calbayog, Iloilo and Tacloban areas. Gift packs for 4,060 families were also purchased for the most vulnerable communities in Metro Manila and Mindanao.

The second Purchase Tablets campaign launched on 19th August to buy tablet computers to ensure stuck-at-home kids’ education could continue despite lockdowns. The rescheduled 2020 school year didn’t officially start until 5th October via distance learning.

A total of 5,033,200 reward points, equivalent to PHP1.26 million Philipinne Pesos (US$26,134) was donated, sufficient to buy 280 tablets.


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